3 Caves Canoe + Safari Temple + Nature Stream

Canoeing or Kayaking boat will be the same in everywhere in the world, but the location and the route of our tour will pass 3 Caves (Lod, Big Head Ghost and Lagoon Caves) with a very nice “Mangrove Water Safari” is the main reason that you have to book this trip.


The historic cave “Big Head Ghost Cave” can tell you “The 2,000 years human living life passed the Picture they had had written on the cave’s panel.


Bang-Reang Temple; it is a temple located in the middle of the Tropical Safari. A very nice grand Pagoda (Prathat) to keep the Lord Buddha’s Relic. We are going to show you every corner of the Temple.


It has a short waterfall, but the stream of the clear fresh water can make cannot stand still. We are quite sure that you will jump down into the stream automatically.