Krabi Tour Packages

Enjoy a striking destination inspired by the extraordinary beautiful islands, landscape, melding the offerings of thrilling in outdoor recreation, adventure, nature and city tours. Krabi is beautiful province on the Andaman Coast of Southern Thailand. With many things to do, Krabi province has become a one of the most popular tourist attraction  in Thailand for nature and adventure tours. With many tourists travelling to Krabi for sightseeing, you can experiences Krabi nature and adventure, such as canoeing, kayaking, snorkeling, diving,, elephant trekking, Rock Climbing and much more you.

Maya Bay Phi Phi Island Phuket  Elephant Trekking (Sra Keaw Cave), Krabi Thailand    Maya Bay Phi Phi Island Phuket




Tour Activities & Services

  • Elephant Trekking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Hiking
  • Hot Spring Tour
  • Thai Cooking
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • 4 Islands Tour
  • 5 Islands Tour
  • Outlet Tour
  • Swimming
  • Temples Tour
  • City Tour
  • Biking Tour
  • Car Rental
  • Motorcycle Rental
  • Bicycle Rental
  • Off Road Tour
  • Fish Tour
  • Go Kart Tour
  • Horse Trekking
  • Horse Riding
  • Wi-Fi
  • Thai Boxing
  • Eating/Relaxing
  • Jogging
  • Bus/Van
  • ATV Special Tours
  • Restaurants
  • Bar
  • Tattoo
  • Massage/Spa
  • Nail/Hair/Beauty Salon
  • Hotel/Room Accommodation
  • Thai Cooking
  • Taxi Service
  • Airport Transportation



Rock Climbing:Rock climbing has become popular at Railay since 1992, after a French cliff climber surveyed this area and designated several rock climbing courses of different difficulty levels. Cliff climbers and Rock climbers from all over the world have visited Railey every year, making it like an international meeting place of those climbers.
DivingDiving is one of the most popular activities among foreigners who visiting the Krabi province. Discover the wonders of the
Andaman sea and be fascinated by beautiful coral reefs and variety of fishes and other sea creatures. There is an incredible diversity of marine life in the area and one can visit different locations based on the level of experiences.
Sea CanoeingAbout half way along the coast between Than Bog Khorani and Krabi Town is a bay of mangroves that has been one of the most
beautiful in all of Thailand. Here, bays and canyons are like passageways. Recently discovered, this setting is superb
for having a first time encounter with this ecosystem.
Sea KayakingHong Island stands out as one of the most beautiful island of the Andaman sea. As your approach from the sea the towering limestone formation & crystal clear water inspire images of deserted Dream Island. Pelay beach boasts powder white sand & wonderful coral & fish.
SnorkelingThe adventure to the white sand beach has been standing here for long just to embrace you with her good hug
.Snorkeling to enjoy the underwater world, relaxing on the connection beach at the Tub island, and reclining lazily are
all musts that you can’t miss here.
Phi Phi Island TourThis tour will bring you to touch the one of the most outstanding tourist attraction in Krabi. Koh Mai Pai also called Bamboo
island is one of the best Islands for snorkeling. Then, you will stop for lunch at Ao Ton Sai, and discover the magical landscape
of Maya bay.
Khao Khanap Nam Two mountains are approximately 100 meters flanking the river front town of Krabi. Considered as the symbol of Krabi Able to discover by long tail boat from Chao Fa Pier. It takes only 15 minutes boat and mangrove Score can also walk up to the cave. Within a stalagmite and a place where many human skeletons have been found as well, but not left. Presumed to be the remains of people who migrated to settle down, but casualties due to sudden flooding. And popular for canoeing. This area is perfect because there canoeing to the lush mangrove forests and natural waters. It was not far from him right in the middle of the island community. On the island will have galleries, museums and crafts show the antiquity? Souvenir skilled people such as vessel masters and to the local way of life have woven cotton raising fish in cages.
Separated SeaPhenomenal sea takes place every day up to 5 words or RAM 12 evening when the water level drops as low as sand dunes turns out to become a white sandy beach. Connect the three islands including Ko  Mo and Ko Thap spear ax handle or to Kohl Kai magically. (The three islands near Kohl Poda) season starts from November. To early May every year.
Emerald poolA geyser is a hot spring pools . Water is emerald green Take one trip from the city to the hot waterfall basin. Before the entrance, waterfalls, hot to the junction turn right onto Emerald Pool . The entrance to the trail about 800 meters in diameter emerald 20-25 meters depth of 1-2 meters with temperatures around 30-50 degrees Celsius around a shady forest green Para species of interest. Including rare birds such. Towage the Black Bird Kingfishers, hornbills , black necklace , brown and so on.
Pa Phu Tha Pom Klong Song NamLocated at Ban Nong Chik, Mu 2, Tampon Khao Kram away from Krabi town, 34 kilometers by road Highway No. 4 (Krabi – Ago) about Highway 126, turn left and go approximately 5 miles swamp Tha Pom forest with water views. Many originating from a pool of the glass. Which are clean, fresh water and see the water and the roots of wild -hole flowing river meets the sea, saltwater mangroves. Has called two water canals within a corridor of natural wooden battens some of the wooden chair to the popular prime nature lovers sit at either side. Some allowed to swim. Although the opening of the new area to swim is not as wide as. It has the second Blas water found in the other. Works such as the fish is not easy to Argus leopard. Freshwater fish with Mina Green puffer fish.
National Park Than Bok KoraneeNational Park Than Bok Koranee Located in the capital. Ago Luk Travel is one of the special ecological interest with an area of 121 square kilometers. Consists of limestone and evergreen mangrove islands national park has plant species diversity. Whether the mangrove forest, beach forest , swamp vegetation , including sea water. An area of 104 square kilometers Consists of limestone and evergreen mangrove islands national park has plant species diversity. Whether the mangrove forest, beach forest , swamp vegetation , including sea water . Which those interested to learn it. Trail within the park distance of 1 kilometer.
Thom Hot Spring Located in the grounds of some blue – so drive home. Thom District Away from Krabi by road. (Krabi – Trang) about 45 miles, turn left on Highway 4038. Then splits into two roads meet municipal sanitary district Thom another 12 miles to the hot springs, one of the many hot springs scattered in this area. The water is not very hot A temperature of about 40-50 ° C hot water to seep up from the ground, which is covered shady grove. Streams flow together along the slope of the area. Some smoke and smoldering plaque naturally accumulate a thick layer causes the scenery beautiful. Especially on the rivers of water flowing into the lower basin is similar to a small waterfall.
น้ำตกหินเพิง Hin Pueng WaterfallLocated in Moo 8, Ban Klong Hin penthouse Thom York from District 25 km to the road. (Krabi – Trang) on the district Khlongphon, turn left and go another 8 kilometers to the waterfall rock will just have to walk traverses the hillside steep, about 400 meters to the waterfall stone flows from the top of the cliff.
Wat  Khlong Thom MuseumLocated in a transitional measure On the road 71-72 Km from the District basin about 1 mile , this collection of articles. Many artifacts found in the excavation area known as “Kuan bead” mound behind Wat Khlong Thom , such as stone tools. Jewelry made from stone and clay. Animals Particularly beads ancient cultural heritage of modern humans on 5,000 years ago, archaeologists said scrap reflects the port community in the past has been as well. The temple is open to visitors from 8:30 to 12:00 am and 13:00 to 16:30 pm except Wednesday without a visit.
45 million-year shell cemeteryLocated at Ban Laem Pho beach Away from the city about 17 kilometers, the path to Railay Beach. At the Ban Sai Thailand 4204 will have the route number signs to Fossil Shell . This area is a shell cemetery . Originally a large freshwater marsh . There are a lot of live shells . The periwinkle is approximately 2 centimeters later, changed the Earth’s surface. Flood waters flow into the pond completely. That makes limestone sea shells held under water until homogeneous. Become a sheet of solid rock called Shelly Limestone thickness of about 40 cm when the area was lifted high. These fossils , it appears to be a large rock jutting into the sea. Calculation of geological age was found. Fossils are about 40 million years old .
Khao Phanom Benja National ParkIs one of the park’s land area is 31,325 hectares covering Krabi Muang District Khao Luk . The forest is rich Complex consists of high mountains in the north to south is covered with mist throughout the year. The future Phanom Benja 1,397 meters above sea level , which is higher ? Highest in Krabi With beautiful natural scenery streams , waterfalls, caves and wildlife species such as tapir, serow, Asiatic black bears, fishing cats are more than 218 kinds of birds that can be spotted eagles , hornbills, woodpeckers , etc..
Attractions within the park include.
-Huay Toh waterfall , Huay Sa Kae waterfall
Wildlife Sanctuary Khao Pra – Bang KramSo drive from the village Thom Northern District Take one with hot waterfall basin. There are nature trails Tina Joliffe (Thung Tiao ) Trail is the distance of 2.7 kilometers along the route will have interpretive signage that will tell the stories of the forest that travelers can learn. Manually Before the beginning to the Emerald Pool Wildlife Sanctuary Khao Pra – Bang Kram about 800 meters through a small forest , a lowland forest remaining little southern Thailand. And also the existence of the black birds แtawแraw . Colorful wild birds living in the jumping ground. The establishment of wildlife sanctuaries , Khao Pra – Bang Kram up. In addition, this forest also found other birds and over 300 species counted the number is more than ever recorded by a conservation area on the south of the country and has more than 100 species have been found along the path of natural areas. Birds such as birds, Grey-breasted Spider hunter Opradk turquoise bird bulbul birds and squirrels , birds, banana varieties , etc. .