Ao Thalen (Thalen Bay) Pure Preserved Nature Tour

Krabi Province has a Large Area- oriented towards the crowded seaside and the inner land. By this trip we are going to offer the interesting of Krabi those is inner area of the Land. Not well know-the most beautiful sceneries of Krabi. “Tha Lane Bay is the one. At Tha Lane Bay, you are able to discover the large pure preserved nature sceneries both on the Land and on the Sea of the Bay.

If you are the man who need to give some time of the life touching the pure virgin Nature, this is the package very suit you.

Before, to book this Nature Trip, please see the highlight picture and read the brief itinerary.

The purity of Green Nature of Krabi is mixed together with the limestone cave and trees. It the difference picture and sightseeing view.


Pineapple Field is the place which is mixed on the package, to learn everything about pineapple field in the Tropical Area. (Krabi Province)


The Grand Economic Tree of Thailand’ Southern is the Rubber Tree. Step by step to do this industry plantation, we will offer to you.


Mixed Water Cannel: It is mixed between Salt Water and Fresh Water in the same place. The cannel passed the Large Preserved National Park of Krabi. We come through this place to study the Purity Nature life.


The most interesting and beautiful nature area of Southern for “Kayak Paddling” is here. Talen Grand Canyon and Mangrove Safari is the highlight of this trip.


The Golden Sleeping Monk is an interesting point for this trip.


We served the special lunch at the Restaurant with the High Panoramic of Tha Lane Bay.


Local Market: You can learn the “Bargain Shopping, Traditional, Foods, Fruits and etc.

Programs :
08:00 AM: We pick up from every Hotel at Krabi.

Our special tour guide drive thru the inner land of Krabi. We stop for fantastic Kayaking (2 Hours) at Talen Bay Grand Canyon; discover Mangrove Safari, Limestone Caves, ant the many must see things by the Bay.

The paddle guide will lead you to paddle the kayak pass the Green Mangrove enter the Wild Life. The feeling world of yours will change to be the world of the Animal.

12:30 PM: We stop the Restaurant which is located on the ring side of the Bay. It have got full of the Tha-Lane Bay’s Panoramic View. We serve a great Lunch (Thai Food) here.
13:30 PM: After finished the wonderful Meal, we continue the trip to “Ta-Pom”. This point is a very peaceful corner of nature-Where pure fresh water meets Mangrove water (Twins Water.) We d a short walk into this preserved nature. On the way of walking, we will “Stop and Go to pay respect to the golden sleeping Buddha. (No mandatory for non-Buddhist)

Later on, we will spend the high valued time of this trip to learn about Palm Oil Plantation, Rubber Tree Industry Garden and Pineapple Fields.

At the last stop, we will let you try to do the bargaining shopping at the Local Market-the place, you will meet local Thai Culture, Food Traders, and etc.

17:00 PM: After get full of the fresh, we take you back to the Hotel.