Dragon Cave Exploring, ATV, Elephant Trekking and Tiger Cave Temple

On the main land of Thailand Southern; The linked main road between Trang Province and Krabi Province is the location of Historical Cave. In the part, the old people told that this is the place for “Dragon’s family”.

There are many beautiful cave room inside, the weather and moistness with a small stream and connected to the sea inside the cave can tell that “the before time human”, dragon or the other life can live.

The following is the detail with the highlight pictures those are in this package. Please see and read before submit the booking.

The amazing of Dragon Caves; There are 12 Rooms linked from room to room. Our paddle guide will paddle the canoe explore to the myth area inside.

12 Rooms of Dragon Cave (Or Sea Cave Kop Hill) can be visited by Canoeing; we use a high expert paddle guide to take care you inside. To make sure that your trip will be get the real fun.

High Standard ATV Camp at Sai-Thai; we provide the completed condition ATV. To make sure that you can drive it as high save and can pass the difficult event on the Off Road.

At our “Elephant Camp” Near ATV Camp, we take car our elephant as good as possible and well trained Mahout. To make sure that all the Elephant will be fun emotion to take you pass the real safari.

We visite the most popular temple of Krabi- Tiger Cave Temple.

Programs :
08:00 AM: Pick up from your hotel in Krabi
08:30 AM: Explore the jungle by ATV Driving.
09:30 AM: Explore the Mountain by Elephant Trekking.
11:00 AM: Arrival the Tiger Cave Temple, steps up to the mountain’s top for 1,237 Steps ladder.
12:30 PM: The Lunch will be served at “Kula-Kasai Restaurant.”
13:30 PM: Depart for Dragon Cave Discovery.
14:30 PM: Exploring inside the “Dragon Cave.” We go inside and discovery for 12 cave rooms by Canoeing.
17:00 PM: Back to Krabi.