Krabi People Traditional: From the original Era to the present
Historical Wall + Traffic Light Sculpture +Walking Street Market

The short trip which is much do for any one had got a chance having holiday time in Krabi. By this short (4 Hours) tour trip can open and show the details concerning Krabi People. Get in touch with it by now “Just submit the booking, after read all the program and see the highlight pictures.”

The traffic Light Sculpture will be located at the big Corner in the center of Krabi Town. There are so many Beautiful Sculpture Arts from the high level artists.

The Giant Crab and Giant Hawk Sculpture is the most Highlight of “Khoa Kanab Naam View” for sure, by this trip we will stop over here for a great picture for a great place of Krabi.

At Krabi Town, we have the Historical Wall shows the Krabi People Life; from the origin of life era to Civilization.

The Walking Street Market is the center of Local People Traders, Local Artist, Local Product Makers and everything concerns the Krabi Local People.