Private James Bond Island Tour (007)

Ian Fleming had written the novel of James Bond. 007 is the code of the spy man of England. No.7 means the number of spy, 00 means under eyes of the queen, this means the spy with the code 00 can kill everyone.

(The man with the golden gun), 007 James Bond Series 9 stared by “Roger Moore” and directed by Hamington was produced by EON production. The main scene of this James Bond Movie is on “Koh Ta Poo”


By this Big Boom of James Bond Movie, Koh Ta Poo has been called “James Bond Island” since the year of 1974. If you book this tour package, we will take you to see every scene of the movie


Suwankhuha Cave Temple, or Monkey Temple cave come to be a very important point of tourist who has taken this tour package.


Go to visit a very nice scene of the movie picture, we used the private long tail boat from the local people; you will get more the beautiful of nature traditional.


We stop to having lunch at the Floating Village “Panyee Island or Muslim Village” But some one call it “Fishing Village”.

We visit and discover every set of James Bond 007 scene before back to Krabi.