Private Trip

Canoe + 4 Islands 

Krabi is One of the most beautiful Provinces of Andaman Sea in the southern of Thailand. Krabi is not far from Phang-Nga and Phuket.

So,  we are very pleased to offer One Day Trip Package of Krabi. This Package can make you get all interesting Places in Krabi within one day. Make the value of your holiday to be topped class of the Best.

Please see the highlight Pictures in the Package as the follows, and do booking.

Show your power by paddle the kayak discovery the Mangrove Nature Safari to see the nature at the safari meets the sea. The paddle man can paddle for is upon your request)

Relaxing, Swimming and Snorkeling on Porda Island (Hidden Small Island in Andaman Sea)

Tale-Whak (Separated Sea) One moment in time the water is separated show the white sandy beach road, you can walk from One Island to the Other Island. Shock Beautiful.

Stop to visit Railey Bay with the Railey Beach, Wold Class Well-known place of Krabi.