Rafting Only for Rafting Lovers

The trip for rafting is considered to be a high popular Adventure Tour. If you have noticed that The Rafting Package will be mixed to the other adventure such as Elephant Trekking, ATV, or Monkey Show etc.

But this trip is just for White Water Rafting for Rafting Fever People, so they never like to spend the holiday time for the other activities.

If you are such the one, Rafting Fever or Lover, This tour trip is the one you have been looking for. Just read all the detail of the Trip (To make sure that you have got the right one) and see the highlight pictures in the Package and submit the booking. Our staff will confirm you with a great adventure day right away.

“Song Prak Fast River” is in a mid of the rare nature safari, the fast of the stream water is at the Level 3-4 in some part and turned on to the level 5-6. Both sides of the river will cover by the completed Green of Thick Safari; it can be the heaven of both adventure lovers and nature lovers.

Rafting at “Song-Prak River” you will get the feeling of both Touching Real Nature and Funny Extreme Rafting. The fast of river is at the level of 3-4.