The Highlights of Krabi Safari (3 In 1) 

The Krabi, a province Of Thailand’s Southern is the new popular destination of World Tourism nowadays. Why? There are so many interesting places in Krabi both in the Sea and on the Land. But this package is going to invite you to visit all the highlights interesting places in Krabi’s Safari.

The Itinerary can take you to see all amazing points of Krabi Tourism. Please read the detail and see the some of the pictures in the program and submit the booking.

Amid of the large piece safari of Krabi, there is a nature river run pass the big Safari into the Nature Lake and make theCrystal Lake.

And if you like to touch more closely to the nature, you can jump down to swim in the Crystal Lake amid safari.

Real Nature Mineral Hot Water come out from under the Earth and flowing from the Mountain became to be the Hot Spring Mineral Waterfall. It is a wonderful bathing here.

Tiger Temple: The most popular “Safari Temple of Krabi,” There so many Holy magic thing in this temple. We should not miss it.