The Most Happiness Day (Nature Spa Treatment + Shopping Therapy)
“Therapy, therapy and therapy”

Krabi Hot-Spring Spa Treatment:

Spa treatment is a very popular in Thailand, there are so many nice Spa Treatment place around Thailand. But at Krabi Hot-Spring Spa treatment is difference;

  • We have a sources of Spring Water which was found since last 20 years and prove that “the water has been nature mixed with rich beneficial minerals (Good for health)
  • We have built the pools for keep the mineral water from hot spring in difference temperature: range from 36-42 C.
  • Our Spa area was decorated on the basic of Nature beauty which was located on the real waterfall safari.

Both Natures pool of us has been hidden from the cold water make you feel very happy of Hydrotherapeutic.


Our programs in Nature Spa:

  • Hydrotherapeutic Bath
  • Practice the art of Thai Self-Massage
  • Full Relaxation Massage by our high expert therapist at our private Hot water River
  • Explore the Hot Waterfall and the Tropical Plantation
  • A healthy Thai Lunch and Unlimited Herbal Drinks and Tea.


Our high standard both equipment of the spa and Therapists mixed with the real nature beautiful place can make you forget all the matter be hide. Yes, It can make your day to be the most happiness.


Afterward, this tour package will full fill the happiness in your day by shopping (More Therapy by shopping) at the most fair price market. Local Street Market. Funny, lovely, great local people with the local products.