Trang Provinces’ Island (8 Islands)

Trang’s Islands (8 Islands) are the newest destination of the tourist. All Islands of this province still be virgins (The nature still be 100% completed) The Islands of this province had just found out by Thailand Tourism Authority recently.

If you are planning to have a holiday in Phuket, Kho-Lak or Krabi you can be an earlier tourist who has seen those Islands.

Being first seeker the news destination. (Trang’s Islands) by booking 3 Days 2 Nights Package with Jc.Tour Now

But before submit the booking form; please see the highlight pictures in our Programs.

The Rural Beach on Koh Sukorn (Pigs Island)

Koh Churk (Rope Island) You have to always hold the rope during swimming

Koh Mah (Horse Island) Look around and try to keep this picture prints in your mind

Koh Takeang (Lamp Island) So lonely, no people, just you and sea on the far Island.

Koh Kradaan (Wooden Plank Island) Keep your heart strongly, do not full in love it too much

Koh Low-Leang (Low-Leang Island). It’s very Purity Resort on the White Sand Beach. The place you need to lay down forever

Crystal Lake Hot Spring Waterfall

Crystal Lake & Hot Spring Waterfall is the production of the Nature. 1,000 years time make this for the human

Koh Kob Cave, You can get in this mysterious cave by Canoeing, but the paddle guide must paddle for you. It’s very easy to lose the way.